A Holistic Approach to Divestitures

We solve some of the industry’s most complex challenges involving commercial real estate, infrastructure, intellectual property, and capital asset transactions, as well as valuing and purchasing advanced technology manufacturing companies.  FabExchange has a global network of investment partners who are constantly scanning the market for turnkey cleanrooms and capital equipment.  It’s this ecosystem of investment partners and its industry expertise that affords Fabexchange the ability to take on financial risk no matter the economic climate.

While each acquisition requires a unique strategy, many projects share similar structures and traits.  FabExchange understands the importance of keeping real estate, existing infrastructure, and capital equipment as a singular entity where it can retain the most value with the least residual expense to the current owner.  That’s why we treat every opportunity as a package rather than individual assets or sectors. Most products involve acquiring real estate, and the revival of its infrastructure and capital assets to meet market requirements.

Equipment Sourcing and Asset Disposition

FabExchange can maximize your opportunities to source and sell equipment beyond primary OEM channels by understanding your specific requirements and leveraging our network of dealers and refurbishers. Our deep knowledge of the global markets means that you will have an expanded range of comparisons from which to find the best price, even if it’s not locally or domestically.

Auctions and Liquidations

FabExchange offers online auction services specializing in used semiconductor, lab, and test equipment. Our online auctions enable the effective disposition of any fixed asset to the highest bidder globally. We provide maximum exposure for liquidating our clients’ assets in the used equipment market while offering great value and opportunities to purchase used equipment for our buyers.

Creating jobs locally

Every project we work on involves finding the right team and, most often, a team employed by the seller sitting locally is the right choice.  These retained experts have deep industry knowledge and can support the future vision of FabExchange and ensure a smooth transition.