Semiconductor Billion Dollar Deals Are Back

Despite the global pandemic still being a threat to our health and economy, the chip industry seems to be doing well again. Recent news indicate that the semiconductor industry is on the upswing.[1] In the past few months, the chip producers had held back with large deals. Now it seems like billion dollar deals are … Continued

People in Focus: Robert Quinn

-On Connecting the Semiconductor Industry on LinkedIn- An interview with Robert Quinn, a semiconductor industry professional  and a LinkedIn semiconductor industry influencer and content curator with over 9k followers and 1st level contacts. Robert is an author, thought leader, and semiconductor industry writer.  About Robert:  I’ve been in the Semiconductor industry for over 20 years.I … Continued

6 Positive News from the Semiconductor Industry

Welcome back to the FabExchange Blog. After the long weekend, I was thinking about what I would love to read online when I open my computer first thing in the morning. It was definitely not  what I’ve come across the news channels in the past few months.  I’m sure you agree that we heard plenty … Continued

The State of The Semiconductor Industry

Hey guys, welcome back to FabExchange’s blog. Over the past few months, a lot has happened. A pandemic hit, Kobe Bryant died, Australia caught on fire, Parasite won the Oscar for Best Film – so many things have been swept up in the whirlwind that has been the year 2020. While globally people are dealing … Continued

Case Study – United Supertek Inc.

Transaction Details Date May 2016 Seller United Supertek Inc. Buyer Shenzhen O-Film Tech Co. Ltd Transaction Value $6,400,000 Building Area 25,393 Sq.Ft Today, we would like to present you with another case study that exemplifies how we operate at FabExchange, to get our customers the best fair market value during a wind down process.  The … Continued

5 Key Factors for Asset Appraisals

When it comes to investing or liquidating assets, choosing the right partner for the appraisal process is key. In order to uncover the real value of assets it takes a specific methodology –  a research approach based on historical data and first-hand knowledge of the market. How do experienced appraisers go about this process in … Continued

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

What Do I Do When Business Isn’t Going as Planned?  Over the past few months, life as we know it has changed drastically. With these rapid and unexpected changes caused by COVID-19, many of us are thrown into unfamiliar and unpleasant situations. Businesses are losing customers, laying off employees and restructuring their whole business model. … Continued

The Stalking Horse Bidder

Hello everyone, welcome back to our blog. Today we are going to dive a little deeper into bankruptcy asset sales and the idea of a “Stalking Horse Bidder.” I know that sounds like a very ominous way to label a bidder, but I promise it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Essentially, a Stalking Horse … Continued

American Foundries Act of 2020

In an earlier blog post, we talked about developments in the American semiconductor manufacturing industry through the proposal of the “Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (C.H.I.P.S.) for America Act”. Working towards the same goal, Senators Tom Cotton (R-Ark) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) have proposed the American Foundries Act of 2020. This Bi-Partisan bill proposes … Continued

FabExchange Blog

Case Study – Fairchild Semiconductor Hey everyone, welcome back to FabExchange’s blog. It is great to see you back here! Today, we are going to take a closer look at our company’s operations through examining a case study. The Case In March 2015, Fairchild Semiconductor aimed to clear their 300,000 square foot, 1200 piece fab … Continued