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Hey there, great to see you tuning in to our second blog post! As we are getting deeper into the series, you should probably know who is behind the scenes, crafting these posts. So hi, my name is Jamison, my co-writer is named Anna, and it’s great to meet you. We are a part of the brand-new Marketing Automation team here at FabExchange. We aren’t the only people spending time at the office though, there are a handful of others running on Nespresso pods and Monster energy drinks.

There’s Ramsey, the head of our DevOps team, who specializes in coding languages that we can’t even begin to understand. Neil and Isaac are our specialized Traders, making phone calls to buyers and sellers from sun up to sun down (this is where most of the energy drinks go). Brian and Brad are our jack-of-all-trades Project Managers, handling a whole mix of tasks in and out of the office. Susan operates full-time as the office mom, managing all the behind the scenes paperwork. There’s Dmitrius, who is one of the most knowledgeable men in the industry and advocates for jean shorts on Friday afternoons. And lastly we have Sal and Ali, the big bosses here at FabExchange, calling all of the shots and signing off on our paychecks.

This past month, our wonderful team packed everything up and relocated our central offices from Santa Clara, CA to Fremont, CA. Although uprooting everything was a complicated process, it was definitely for the best. Our new office is an open and collaborative space, there is plenty of natural lighting and bright furniture, and we are now surrounded by others operating in the industry. Most importantly, however, we are .9 miles from a McDonalds that remains open until 12AM. We are looking forward to the things we can do here in Fremont, with our endless supply of caffeine and McMuffins. 

Now that you have gotten to know us a little bit more, it’s our turn to get to know you. Feel free to contact either myself or Anna at the email addresses below with any questions, or content you would like to see in these blogs. 

Jamison: jamison.gray@fabexchange.com

Anna: anna.effa@fabexchange.com

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