Case Study – Fairchild Semiconductor

Hey everyone, welcome back to FabExchange’s blog. It is great to see you back here! Today, we are going to take a closer look at our company’s operations through examining a case study.

The Case

In March 2015, Fairchild Semiconductor aimed to clear their 300,000 square foot, 1200 piece fab in West Jordan, Utah. Naturally, when we heard about this opportunity we hopped right on it. While we weren’t the only firm interested in this fab, we were one of the only firms that could meet their terms. Fairchild wanted a single buyer to purchase the assets and to clear everything in 3 months. 

To give ourselves the best chance at representing Fairchild, we strategically elected partnerships with The Branford Group and David Duke of Incentrade. We worked with our partners to create a proposal for Fairchild. We appraised the assets in the facility at a value of around $10 million. After the appraisal, we

professionally cataloged, marketed and conducted due diligence for the assets. We then created a timeline that worked with the 3-month requirement and guaranteed a single buyer for all of their assets. Finally, any of the tangible assets that were not subject to Private Treaty would be sold through our auction services. 

Utilizing our global network, we identified several buyers worldwide. By the time that Fairchild accepted, we were considering 3 unique offers and their plans to remove the assets. Eventually, we selected Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in China because their plan was the most comprehensive and timely. 

Doing the Unprecedented

We selected this particular case study to highlight the leadership that FabExchange has taken in its field. Never before has a company created the market for something as significant as an entire fab, nor completed it in such a short amount of time. Even before Fairchild accepted our proposal, we searched for and identified the perfect buyer. By successfully pairing a buyer and a seller for these assets, FabExchange took steps to break industry standards and create new ones. Even today, no other firm has attempted to repeat these actions, leaving FabExchange as the first and only company to take leadership and create the market around a fab. 

This was an important deal, as it involved a massive amount of assets. We marketed the assets, managed the complex bidding process, negotiated contracts, and found multiple qualified buyers from across the globe interested in purchasing the fab. On July 13, 2015, we arranged the fab sale to be sold to a single buyer, making disposition quick and effortless for Fairchild. We concluded the project several months ahead of schedule, with 90 percent of assets removed by August.

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