Our Complete Facility Disposition services offer customized advisory and transaction execution of complete advanced technology, cleanroom, and infrastructure rich manufacturing assets and all related tools, equipment, and infrastructure. With a global team of seasoned professionals, we work with companies seeking to enhance operational and financial efficiencies, or restructure illiquid or underperforming advanced technology manufacturing assets, to understand and ultimately execute on all of their disposition objectives in a fully integrated, global, and comprehensive marketing process. We employ our on-the-ground knowledge, global industry relationships, proprietary database, and transaction expertise to provide tailor-made solutions that maximize returns.

Our unparalleled experience ranges from world-class 300mm semiconductor fabs to small lab and prototyping facilities, and includes transaction and advisory work in Europe, Asia, the United States, and worldwide.

Our Fab Disposition Services include:

  • Customized advisory and execution for the disposition of advanced technology, cleanroom, and infrastructure-rich manufacturing buildings and associated real estate
  • Disposition advisory to define disposition or restructuring objectives, evaluate potential scenarios, and establish strategy and timeline
  • Development and implementation of fully-integrated and global marketing campaigns to restructure or monetize advanced technology manufacturing assets
  • Valuation consulting, including calculation of sale probabilities and fair market value range
  • Market research services, including evaluation of market dynamics, survey of supply / demand, and confidential buyer engagement
  • Transaction execution support
  • Negotiation consultation
  • Acquisition services, including site and facility identification, confidential seller engagement, advisory and consultation, and execution support

FabExchange works with its global semiconductor and advanced technology manufacturing clients to provide custom and optimized asset disposition / liquidation and surplus asset management solutions.

Transactions facilitated by FabExchange

  • Fairchild Semiconductor

    Fairchild Semiconductor

    Capital asset buyout of MOSFET fab

  • Sumitomo


    Private treaty sale and auction of R&D and manufacturing assets

  • United SuperTek

    United SuperTek

    Operational clean room facility sale to O-Film Tech Co.,Ltd

  • Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    150mm Semiconductor tool purchase from Fairchild Semiconductor

  • O-Film Tech Co.,Ltd

    O-Film Tech Co.,Ltd

    Operational clean room facility purchase from USI