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-On Connecting the Semiconductor Industry on LinkedIn-

Robert Quinn

An interview with Robert Quinn, a semiconductor industry professional  and a LinkedIn semiconductor industry influencer and content curator with over 9k followers and 1st level contacts. Robert is an author, thought leader, and semiconductor industry writer. 

About Robert: 

I’ve been in the Semiconductor industry for over 20 years.I started working at Applied Materials and spent the majority of my career working on Applied Materials equipment. I’ve expanded by working in Fabs as a field service engineer.  Then, dealing more with the used sector of capital equipment, facilitization, defacilitization, decontamination, shipping, and refurbishing of capital equipment. My expertise is dealing with used equipment. From selling the equipment, moving it, decontaminating, reconfiguring, testing, shipping, selling and starting the tool at destination.  

How did you become a LinkedIn semiconductor industry influencer and content curator? 

At a time when I was considering a job transition, I spent a lot of time on LinkedIn. I really didn’t like the fact that you get more updates about people’s pets than valuable semiconductor news that I was looking for. So I decided, as I was researching information, I would post it for other people on LinkedIn. Before I knew it, I started receiving messages from people saying that I was their source for semiconductor news and thanking me. My LinkedIn contacts list started growing from there and is just incredible, including so many interesting people in the industry and contacts from so many Fabs around the world.  People are sending me messages daily thanking me for what I do. It just started growing and I just kept posting information, looking at the industry news and curating content. The people I connect with are only connections directly related to the industry. 

How can people in the Semiconductor industry connect on LinkedIn in a productive way?

  1. Talk to many people, connect with them, and develop relationships with them.
  2. Ask people to introduce you to individuals you are not yet connected with.
  3. Promote or praise other people’s work on LinkedIn.

Do you have any ideas on how the semiconductor/refurb Industry might develop through the rest of the year or leading into the next year?

I’m writing this story right now that is called “The Wild West in the Semiconductor Industry”. The semiconductor industry is highly regulated. There are a lot of regulations on how everything is done globally. The refurb industry is just the Wild West. There are very few regulations and standards in place. I would like to see more standardization. As more and more large companies invest in the refurb business, this sector needs to be regulated. This story that I’m writing is basically about what is going on in the used refurb sector at the moment and how I foresee changes happening in it in the future.

The refurb sector is just all over the place when it comes to how a tool needs to be refurbished and what a customer is paying when they get a refurbished tool. The standards are often different from project manager to project manager.  

China is spending a lot of money on tools right now and a lot of these tools are refurb tools. A lot of deadlines and shipments are being postponed to the end of the year, possibly aiming for the time after the election. That is what I noticed recently. 

Thank you Robert for connecting with us and all the great and informative content you tirelessly share with us daily on LinkedIn. 

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