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Assignment Highlights

May 2016


Disposition of Operational cleanroom to

San Jose, CA

  • FabExchange advised United Supertek(USI) in the successful sale of its operational clean room facility in San Jose, CA to Shenzhen O-Film Tech Co.,Ltd.
  • USI was evaluating potential exit options for its business, including liquidation of its business and assets
  • FabExchange assisted USI in receiving multiple offers for the facility, and achieving optimal deal terms and a 20% premium over a sale to real estate buyers
  • USI was evaluating potential exit options for its business, including a sale of the business as a going concern, sale of the operational clean room for adaptive advanced technology reuse, and liquidation of all assets
  • FabExchange was engaged to expertly advise USI on its options and to implement an integrated and comprehensive marketing approach to maximize its financial return
  • Partnering with a local real estate firm, FabExchange advised USI on a two-tiered approach:marketing to advanced technology users and to real estate developers / financial buyers
  • Through an effective and broad outreach campaign, FabExchange was able to introduce multiple advanced technology users that placed significant financial and strategic value on the existing clean room and facility infrastructure
  • Utilizing the existing bids, FabExchange counseled USI in its selection of a lead bidder, Shenzhen O-Film, and in the ultimate negotiations. USI was able to secure highly advantageous deal terms (e.g.minimal due diligence period, all cash offer) and a 20% premium over the offers from real estate developers and financial buyers
  • In addition to the integrated marketing campaign, FabExchange provided assistance with legal documentation and closing
Transaction Details
Date May 2016
Seller United Supertek Inc.
Buyer Shenzhen O-Film Tech Co. Ltd
Transaction Value $6,400,000
Building Area 25,393 Sq.Ft
Cleanroom Size NA