Press Release: FabExchange Completes Private Equity Acquisition of ON Semiconductor Rochester, NY Site


FabExchange assists client ON Semiconductor in their divestment from their Rochester, NY site through a private equity acquisition, while working with the ESD to serve as a bridge to bring in a new manufacturer to join New York State’s semiconductor ecosystem.

Rochester, NY., and Fremont, CA. — February 17, 2020 — FabExchange, a private equity and divestiture partner, announced today it has completed the acquisition of ON Semiconductor’s Rochester, NY., site on December 15, 2020. Marketplace shifts led to the decision to discontinue the production of the CCD image sensor, ultimately resulting in the closure of the Rochester, NY., site.

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A holistic approach to an acquisition

There is a true human element to this transaction. FabExchange partnered with ON Semiconductor, local, and international partners to facilitate this divestiture effectively, efficiently, and faultlessly, with a focus on maximizing future employment opportunities locally. Industry analysts believe that this acquisition is indeed a win-win for both companies, as well as the City of Rochester and its people. A core objective for FabExchange is to serve as a bridge for international companies wishing to invest in manufacturing in the US.

The property was originally constructed by Eastman Kodak Company in 1959 and expanded in 1980. The building core is made up of dedicated lab space, cleanroom and surrounding office space. With space totaling 263,000 square feet, inclusive of 7 floors and a basement, the building is designed for wafer fabrication, assembly, testing, and office space.

ON Semiconductor, Rochester, NY

If you have any questions regarding FabExchange and its divestiture consulting services, or their plans for the Rochester, NY site, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ali Shafi / Managing Partner: +1.408.560.2900